Writing your picture book: Love it, and it will fly high!

Writing is never an easy task. Becoming a great writer means being able to bring words into life, and evoking imagery that will leave an imprint on the mind of the reader. When it comes to writing stories for children, creating images is important, with their strong need to immerse themselves in colors and pictures in everything that they encounter. If a writer wishes to become successful in writing a good children’s book, there are some things that he has to keep in mind. Some useful tips when writing a children’s book can come in handy especially for beginners.

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The first thing that you have to know is that as a writer, you must find inspiration or a story that excites you. Prepare yourself for the writing journey ahead of you. It will not be easy on most occasions, but when you manage to achieve your aims, all the hardships will be worth it. Make sure that you equip yourself with patience and imagination, as well as strength in handling all sorts of bad news.

Writing a children’s book can be a different experience for a person who writes for his or her children and for someone who writes to get published. Writing a story for your kids can be fun and will earn you the praise of your children immediately. However, writing to get published may lead you to situations when the publishing company may not completely agree with your opinion on how well-received your book is going to be. Some publishing companies may even think that your book might not be the one that they are looking for. Being turned down can be difficult, so before you decide to write and get yourself published, ask yourself first how stubborn you are. Writing will require all of your energy and willingness to make consistently revisions to your work.

One of the most important and useful tips when writing a children’s book is to return to a child-like state. Think of what interested you when you were a child, what stories made you smile, what made you feel inspired, or just basically what made the universe of your imagination expand. Try to remember how you felt when you were young, probably when you were three to ten years old.
Also, when you get ideas, make sure that you always welcome them. Entertain them, and use them in your work. It will also help if you look at existing picture books, both old and new. Draw inspiration from these materials for your work. To get more acquainted with these existing picture books, go to your local library, or visit nearby bookstores in your area.
Another one of the useful tips when writing a children’s book is to make revising a habit. There might be some things you might like to change, or you may have unknowingly made grammar mistakes you might want to correct as you go.

Finally, love your work. Enjoy every minute of the writing process, from the beginning to the end. Writing is an art, and it is a form of expression. It would be of great help to you if you would see to it that you enjoy what you do.