Things to Know About Literature


Literature gives us pleasure, satisfaction and has a sense of beauty. It reaches the intellects through the feelings or heart. The language of motive is called as prose and the language of emotions like anger, jealousy, fear, pity, sorrow, joy, hatred, love, charity, and revenge are stirred in poetry. If the emotion is great and deeper, the stronger the poetry would remain. In this blog, let us look the main foundations and essence for literature.

Raw material: The human life serves as the major natural base for literature. It includes expressions, emotions, sorrows, feelings, pleasures, human virtue, joys and vices like degradation, disappointment, success, hope, courage, human aspirations, greatness, frustrations, anger, appreciation, encouragement, and failure.

Essential quality: The emotional aspects are the primary quality of literature. It has to be penned down in a creative way in order to reach the emotions of the readers.

Types in literature: Literature is classified into different types and genres. Each has unique characteristics and possesses its eccentric and singular appeal. Biography, long play, short story, fiction, novel, drama and poetry are the major divisions of literature. Each of them is highly popular and each has its own kinds of taste and color. These types of literature are common, and popular.

Character building: When you read a drama or novel, you will get to know about several characters. The characters will be penned down illustrating their own feelings, emotions and attitude. The literature helps to depict both bad and good characters and remains as examples for evils ones and good ones.

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