Children’s Books and Proper Fonts


Are you a passionate or hobby writer? Do you have a wish to publish stories or books for children? If so, you need to read this blog. It is not an easy task to write children’s book. You need to add and input thoughts and stories in such a way it is understandable to them. Do not include mature or above the age views in their stories.

There are plenty of writers to master this category. They have achieved a good name in this field due to their hard work and dedication. Before starting to write children’s book, ensure to do a clear-cut research, learning about the latest books and novels available in the market. No matter you are going to add different story or cartoon character in the book, it has to remain suitable for children to read. They should be able to buy the book without any hesitation or second thought. Here listing some mistakes that you should not do when writing children’s book.

Unprofessional artwork: The pictures play an important part in children’s book. It has to be in good quality and highly professional. Most children read the story by relating the pictures to the story given. The picture gives meaning equal to thousand words, and the kids know what bad art is and what good art is. Some children remember the book by the artwork mentioned. So, ensure to hire dedicated artists for your novel.

Fonts: This is another important fact you should check more than twice. The font size should not be too small or too large. It should have the proper space, good background and reasonable number of pages.