How to Write a Business Letter Effectively

A Business letter is a type of correspondence letter from one company to another, or between companies to other individuals like customers, contractors and so on. It can contain various types of contents depending on the things that needed to be addressed. It has a maintained level of formality, and it is commonly used for writing sales efforts, considerations, and resolving issues, etc. to the clients, customers, managers and business partners and some other important matters. Writing a business letter is the form of communication that people takes seriously the most.

A carefully written business letter can be a powerful communication tool. Here are the basic parts of writing business letters and tips to make it effective.

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Format- there are three types of format for making business letters, the Full-block style, the Modified block style, and the Indented style. In Full-block style, all the elements are aligned to the left margin and no indented lines are used. The modified block style starts the return address, date, closing and signature at the right of the center of the page and all the body paragraphs starts at the left margin. The indented or Semi-block style is just similar to the Modified block style except that the first line of the paragraph is always indented. The full-block style is the standard and most used format for business writing so you should also use it.

Heading- choosing a professional looking heading for your business letter is important. Make a distinct and high-quality letter heading and put it in a modern looking letter template to make it look professional, simple and clean.

Date- Indicates the day the letter was written, the month should be spelled completely and the year should be four digits. Use the month, day, year format for this.
Sender’s Address- include senders’ address whenever possible this will allow clients to find you easily. Don’t include this section if the sender’s address is already written at the letterhead design.

Inside Address- this is the recipients address. Include a personal title such as Ms., Mrs., Mr., Dr. Etc. Inside address should be written one inch below the date or begins one line below the sender’s address.

Salutation– use the personal title and the family or last name followed by a colon, not a comma and leave one line blank after this.

Body- this is the main part of a business letter. Consider writing a good opening then explain the reason you are writing.

Complimentary close- this begins at the same vertical point as the date, state what you expect the reader to do and what you’ll do to follow up. Make a short and polite closing message that ends with a comma.

Signature block- use black or blue ink for signing.

Enclosures- if you have one, write this one line below the closing.

Typist initials- used to indicate the person who ‘typed’ the letter.

Remember to write clearly in a formal manner, use fonts that are accepted to make it easy to understand and don’t forget to proofread.

Writing your picture book: Love it, and it will fly high!

Writing is never an easy task. Becoming a great writer means being able to bring words into life, and evoking imagery that will leave an imprint on the mind of the reader. When it comes to writing stories for children, creating images is important, with their strong need to immerse themselves in colors and pictures in everything that they encounter. If a writer wishes to become successful in writing a good children’s book, there are some things that he has to keep in mind. Some useful tips when writing a children’s book can come in handy especially for beginners.

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The first thing that you have to know is that as a writer, you must find inspiration or a story that excites you. Prepare yourself for the writing journey ahead of you. It will not be easy on most occasions, but when you manage to achieve your aims, all the hardships will be worth it. Make sure that you equip yourself with patience and imagination, as well as strength in handling all sorts of bad news.

Writing a children’s book can be a different experience for a person who writes for his or her children and for someone who writes to get published. Writing a story for your kids can be fun and will earn you the praise of your children immediately. However, writing to get published may lead you to situations when the publishing company may not completely agree with your opinion on how well-received your book is going to be. Some publishing companies may even think that your book might not be the one that they are looking for. Being turned down can be difficult, so before you decide to write and get yourself published, ask yourself first how stubborn you are. Writing will require all of your energy and willingness to make consistently revisions to your work.

One of the most important and useful tips when writing a children’s book is to return to a child-like state. Think of what interested you when you were a child, what stories made you smile, what made you feel inspired, or just basically what made the universe of your imagination expand. Try to remember how you felt when you were young, probably when you were three to ten years old.
Also, when you get ideas, make sure that you always welcome them. Entertain them, and use them in your work. It will also help if you look at existing picture books, both old and new. Draw inspiration from these materials for your work. To get more acquainted with these existing picture books, go to your local library, or visit nearby bookstores in your area.
Another one of the useful tips when writing a children’s book is to make revising a habit. There might be some things you might like to change, or you may have unknowingly made grammar mistakes you might want to correct as you go.

Finally, love your work. Enjoy every minute of the writing process, from the beginning to the end. Writing is an art, and it is a form of expression. It would be of great help to you if you would see to it that you enjoy what you do.

How to Write a Business Book?

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Business books are mainly used for particular purpose, and the purpose has to clear before you start to write a book. It remains helps for marketing, illustrating your potentialities, and sharing your experience and achievements to customers. Some people write their business book in the form of ‘How to’ or step by step instructions. Most of the popular business books talks about leadership or aspect of the business. There is another group of writers who publish a business book based on the story of a successful businessman, or the story of leader explaining how did he managed to climb the success ladder.

If you wish to promote your business and you are running a business for long time, then you need to think about writing a business book. It has to be carefully evaluated, planned, prepared and managed to convert your effort and time to book. If you think that you do not have time or skills to express the writing in an attractive tone and manner, you can hire a writer to pen down your thoughts and collection. This way, you will not have the burden to check on language, pronunciation or grammar errors.

If you are proving services instead of products in your business, then you can start to write business articles in the form of blogs, articles, workshop outlines, presentations, procedure manuals or proposals. The internet is the most powerful tool that you can use to write, publish and market your business book.

Children’s Books and Proper Fonts


Are you a passionate or hobby writer? Do you have a wish to publish stories or books for children? If so, you need to read this blog. It is not an easy task to write children’s book. You need to add and input thoughts and stories in such a way it is understandable to them. Do not include mature or above the age views in their stories.

There are plenty of writers to master this category. They have achieved a good name in this field due to their hard work and dedication. Before starting to write children’s book, ensure to do a clear-cut research, learning about the latest books and novels available in the market. No matter you are going to add different story or cartoon character in the book, it has to remain suitable for children to read. They should be able to buy the book without any hesitation or second thought. Here listing some mistakes that you should not do when writing children’s book.

Unprofessional artwork: The pictures play an important part in children’s book. It has to be in good quality and highly professional. Most children read the story by relating the pictures to the story given. The picture gives meaning equal to thousand words, and the kids know what bad art is and what good art is. Some children remember the book by the artwork mentioned. So, ensure to hire dedicated artists for your novel.

Fonts: This is another important fact you should check more than twice. The font size should not be too small or too large. It should have the proper space, good background and reasonable number of pages.

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