Biography: True Form of Literature


Biography is mostly written for famous and successful persons. It is written to highlight their life history, challenges, success and failure they have gone through in their lifetime. If a person writes his or her own biography, it is called as autobiography. The true stories of successful people will help the readers to influence and face their challenges in a positive note.

There are biographies of several great people easily available in the bookstore. Some of the renowned biography collections include Abraham Lincoln, Charlie Chaplin, Winston Churchill, and more. If you wish to read and get to know about someone who has sketched their name in history, you need to read biographies of various people. It is easily available on the internet. They are divided into categories like inventors, mathematicians, biologists, artists, filmmakers, actors, gold players, baseball players, tennis players, philosophers, scholars and educators, reformers and activists and more.

Biographical writing was started in the early nineteenth century. It started to get popular as the print versions were easily available. Nowadays, people have started to reach biographies by just browsing the internet. Experienced and reputed writers mostly write it. They spend years and years in research before writing a biography. Another famous form of biography is multimedia biography.

Hollywood has produced multimedia biography with documentary biological films and commercial films about the lives of popular people. Online and CD-ROM biographies are easily available nowadays. It is not similar to films and books and does not have a chronological narrative. In order to perform biography research, a person has to collect and analyze the life history of a person in an unstructured manner then spend ample time on getting things organized and putting everything in place.

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